Cache Engines

Do you any or all of the following installed on my Virtualmin Panel??
if yes how can i activated
How can i install it
Thank you
APC XCache


I don’t have experience with those cache engines – hopefully some folks who work with them will chime in!

However, I do know that there have been folks who were able to use APC and memcache on their servers that ran Virtualmin.

PHP actually has a memcache module, which should help you get that up and running super-quickly. Just install php5-memcache or php-memcache (the package name differs, depending on what distribution you’re using).

I believe APC would need to be compiled and installed manually, but it should work just fine.

EAccelerator may work, but I don’t recall hearing anyone talk about it :slight_smile:


I used to use (well, actually still do) a ready-made precompile of EAccelerator on my Windows servers.

For Ubuntu, I found that “XCache” is easy to install - due to existing php5-xcache package for Ubuntu - and works very nicely.

Be aware that most, if not all, PHP caching modules will only work if you operate PHP in mod_php mode. They will not work, or only with lots of fiddling, in CGI or FCGId mode, because every user has their own instance of PHP there, which also gets re-started regularly, thus separating/clearing caches each time.

Virtualmin does not actively support management of caching modules - but that’s not really necessary either, at least with XCache and Ubuntu. As I said, installation is just an apt-get install php5-xcache there, and it comes with an own little management/statistics web interface.