Buy Virtualmin license through Paypal


Is it possible to buy virtualmin lisence through paypal? I have searched and read a few posts but I didn’t find a clear answer. If it’s possible can you tell me the steps of how doing this?

Thanks in advance!


Howdy Panos,

Sure, we can accept payments via PayPal. Send the purchase price to and include a note indicating your username here at so I know who to issue the license to.

We issue such licenses manually so it may take a day or so. And if I miss it when it comes in, you might have to remind me that you sent us some money. But we’ll definitely get you a license issued. :wink:


That was a quick answer! (1 minute??) Thanks for your reply Joe! I will send it to you. Please don’t forget me… :stuck_out_tongue:


You caught me at the right time. I happened to be online, and reading mail. Pretty rare these days–my mailbox is so stuffed, it usually takes me all day to get through it all.

Thanks you Joe for issuing my lisence!

Can I ask something else? Can I install it on a non-production server to test and configure everything before I move it to the production server?

Thanks in advance!


Sure, that’s not a problem at all.

There are some circumstances where multiple installations (even on the same system) can trigger a license warning. But the warning is harmless, and will clear on its own after a couple of days. And, if it doesn’t, you can drop me an email and I’ll straighten it out.

Ok thank you for everything Joe!

I will keep you informed if I have any problems.

Thank you again!


hello i whant a license to via paypal:D


We can do license purchases via Paypal, if you like.

We can’t do monthly licenses via that way, but we can do yearly licenses.

If you’d like to do that, send the appropriate funds for the license you’re after to, then post a note in the support tracker (using the Support link above) with the transaction ID of your payment, then we’ll get you all setup!


Hey andrey i alraide bought the license i have made a virtuel credit card from netteller

But my problem now is I have no idea how to install it and my server guy is home sick

can i hire you guys to install it for me i have a deadline for monday to have it installed