bulk transfer cpanel/whm to webmin/virtualmin


I am going to transfer several domains in a server with WHM to another server with Virtualmin installed.

I known that there a is a migration transfer tool in virtualmin, but with this method i have to do the tranfer one by one…

Is there any way to do a bulk transfer?



It’s been awhile since I’ve tried this so I don’t recall if this works – but what if you point Virtualmin at a directory of backups, rather than at one backup in particular… does it then allow you to migrate all the domains in that particular directory?

If that doesn’t work, you may be able to loop over all the cPanel backup files you have using a script, and the Virtualmin command line tools.

You can use this command to see all the options:

virtualmin migrate-domain

It looks like that is designed for just one at a time there, but if you built a loop and had it go through all your domains, that should do what you’re after.


I am going to try.

Is it necessary to specify all the passwords for every cpanel account?