Bulk email software with "template variable" support


I need to send an email out to about 40 addresses, with nearly identical text except for some “placeholder”. Basically like “note, login data for the email server is changing, new domain name is mail.mydomain.tld, your new password is <user’s password>”.

So I’d like to have a text list with 40 addresses and their passwords, and a mail with a preset text and “insert password field here” placeholder should be sent out to all addresses.

Does anyone know a (Linux) software that can do this? If there was no need for the “placeholder” thing, I’d use a Mailman mailing list… Thanks in advance for info!

Wouldn’t the “email server owners” in virtualmin do this job? It can use substitutes.

Unfortunately not – I need to send the mails to/via another mail server running on Windows. The situation is a bit complicated. :slight_smile:

Then again, the idea might be helpful after all, since it’s only a handful of addresses that need to get the mail to that Windows mail server. The others I can send it to via a Vmin controlled mail server. In any case, thanks for the suggestion!