Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

First, I’d like to congratulate you on the new Virtualmin HTML5 theme. It looks very nice. The new forums look good too.

However, your forums are missing a Search feature that would have allowed me to find out if the following bugs in Cloudmin have been addressed already:

– Virtualmin Replication in Cloudmin 8.4 Pro (with Virtualmin 5.0 GPL and Webmin 1.782 GPL) has trouble recognizing when domains have been deleted. From an e-mail notification I received this morning:

Creating temporary directories .. .. done

Backing up 104 virtual servers on source system …
… backup failed : Virtual server somedomain.com does not exist

In this particular case, somedomain.com was removed from Worker1, and replication to Worker2 should have simply deleted the offending domain, as the “Delete domains no longer on source” box was checked. Somedomain.com still shows up in the “Virtual Domains to Replicate” list (on the right) though, which is a bit strange, as that list doesn’t appear to update properly. When I move it to the exception list on the left, it disappears. Also, we’ve been having some trouble with simply checking “All on source system” and expecting it to work, and we’ve got about a dozen domains that end up in the exception list (on the left), or replication fails for various reasons. This is out of a list of a whopping 120 domains, and I’d be scared of what would happen (or how much time I’d be dedicating to fixing replication every day) if we had thousands of domains, and domains were constantly being added and deleted.

– Virtualmin Replication in Cloudmin Pro seems to have syntax errors when executing commands on the back end when restoring backups on destination systems. Here’s the output I’m getting this morning:

Transferring backups to destination systems .. .. done

Restoring backups on destination systems …
… 0 restores succeeded, 1 failed

Failed to restore on worker2 : --except-feature must come after --all-features

Removing excess virtual servers on destinations …
… no domains need deletion on worker2

That’s all I’ve got for today. Hope to see some updates to fix these soon!


Yeah the search feature isn’t as prominent as we wanted… you can see it at the bottom of the page, or using the Support link at the very top. We wanted to have an easily accessible search box available from the top of the site, but that was causing a display issue in some browsers. We temporarily disabled that and added a search link at the bottom.

The bugs you’re mentioned though – could you go into the Support link above, and add them to the support tracker? There, Jamie will be able to work with you to sort out what’s going on there.