HI, Im not sure if i have messed something up or if this is indeed a bug so thought i would post it.

In virtualmin when I click “List Virtual Server” I get the below output?

Sorry I am not sure why the attached picture doesnt show up? http://i.imgur.com/pKZkh.jpg


Hmm, it doesn’t look like you’re using the default theme there… so I’m not sure if you’re seeing a Virtualmin problem, or a theme problem.

Could you see if the same issue occurs if you’re using the default Virtualmin Framed Theme?

I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my own system.


Hi andrey,
I am using the default virtualmin Framed theme but i have just changed some css. I dont recall messing with any files but looking at the problem, it looks like a simple html error maybe? Do you know which file is used to create that and i can have a look through to see if there is something missing?

Well, if you hover over a link, you can see the file that’s loaded in the status bar of your browser on the bottom-left.

In this case, it looks like that link calls the index.cgi program in the virtual-server directory.


thanks for the answer as always andrey. Ill have a look through the files :slight_smile: