Bug: Virtualmin removes A record for app, where vitual site is in format: app.domain.com

Hi guys,

I seem to have found a bug in the system:

I have setup my virtual site as app.domain.com. Under DNS Records, Virtualmin correctly setup the A record for app.

For some reason after a while e.g. generating a ssl cert (which sometimes fail), or adding a new virtual site, the A record for app is removed by virtualmin.

This causes then, if you click DNS Records. for other virtual site, to come up with errors about ns1 records missing targets. And the DNS BIND Service wont start.

To solve it:

  1. Add back the A record for app
  2. Start the DNS BIND service

When you click on “DNS Records”, it comes up in flash without any errors.

So question is: When setting up a virtual site, should it be “app.domain.com” or just “domain.com

Please advise.