Bug? Postgresql Webmin using 7.4 settings, not 8.3

In Webmin => Servers => PostgreSQL Database Server

The version says (correctly)

"PostgreSQL version 8.3.6 (With schemas) "

HOWEVER, the "Allowed Hosts" edits the pg_hba.conf settings file for 7.4 (/etc/postgresql/7.4/main/) rather than the correct settings file for 8.3 (/etc/postgresql/8.3/main/)

Is this a bug, or do I have a symlink or setting misconfigured? Thanks.

Oh, this is for Debian 4.<br><br>Post edited by: Andrew Yates, at: 2009/02/22 17:31

Yeah, that doesn’t quite sound right does it :slight_smile:

I’d go ahead and file a bug report, Jamie would know best how to handle that.