bug in virtualmin 3.86 gpl

In Edit Owner Limits -> Allowed capabilities and features -> Allowed Scripts if you leave All except those disabled globall enabled and move some scripts from right to left and then saves, then virtualmin does have some kind of crash.

and it doesn’t seem to be possible to change that setting


That may indeed be a bug!

Could you file that in the support tracker using the Support link above?

Whenever you do, can you include the full error message that you get when trying all that? That will assist Jamie in tracking down what’s going on.



I think it happens only if the a virtual server administrator is logged in. The error message is connection timed out, when you click on save.

Since I am the only owner of my virtual servers, I have never logged in twice, until yesterday (with two different browsers).

I will file that, but I was wondering whether anybody else could reproduce this as well? Don’t want to waste Jamie’s time :slight_smile: