bug in template (safari)

This bug has been going on for quite a while now so i figured i make you guys aware of it… it’s nothing major but slightly annoying:

As you can see the quotas aren’t shown properly on the homescreen (in safari 3 as well as 4 beta).


So what we’ll need to figure out is whether what you’re seeing is a Virtualmin bug, or whether the quotas are out of sync.

Does it help if you go into Limits and Validation -> Check Disk Quotas, and check both user and group quotas, and then do a "Check now"?


no, that doesnt make a difference… and the numbers shown seem correct anyway… i think it’s just a css/html issue… (the bar-graph is too narrow…)

Oh, hrm, I didn’t catch that part.

The forum software here has a habit of doing odd things with images – so when someone posts one that actually is odd, I no longer even notice :slight_smile:

I’d go ahead and file a bug report (using the Bugs and Issues link below), and include a screenshot such as the above, and the Safari versions your mentioned.

Also, do you know if it works in Safari 2.x? It’s okay if you don’t, I’m just trying to figure out if it works on any Safari version or not.


Testing on Safari is definitely an area where we’re weak. I can’t seem to get it running under wine on my desktop machine, so I have to boot an old Windows box down the hall to run it. I’ll try to take a look at this today.

do they do google chrome for linux? any webkit browser should be fine… i’ve had a look in the html and the problem seems to be the relative width… changing it to an absolut value (e.g. 200px) does the trick… there must be a different underlying box model issue though as webkit definitly supports relative table cells (in fact the new safari is the only browser that passes ACID3)…


ugh… cant get the image upload to work… here’s an before/after screenshot…

[file name=Archive.zip size=246500]http://www.virtualmin.com/components/com_fireboard/uploaded/files/Archive.zip[/file]

We had some sort of problem with that in IE. Actually, I think Jamie and I had a brief check-in war over just that issue (him fixing for IE, me fixing for Safari, IE wins, unfortunately). But, I thought we’d found a happy medium. Must have been a regression at some point. I know we’re special casing for IE in a couple of places, so I’ll just special case for IE on this one, too. I really hate IE.

you could make both work using conditional statements and a using a separate IE.css ? Should be relatively easy and quick to take all special IE css code and put it in the IE.css.

or if a separate css is not preferred you can use conditional css.


lt - Less than lte - Less than or equal to eq - Equal to gte - Greater than or equal to gt - Greater then

Supported browsers

'IE' - Internet Explorer 'Gecko' - Gecko based browsers (Firefox, Camino etc) 'Webkit' - Webkit based browsers (Safari, Shiira etc) 'SafMob' - Mobile Safari (iPhone / iPod Touch) 'Opera' - Opera's browser 'IEMac' - Internet Explorer for the Mac 'Konq' - Konqueror 'IEmob' - IE mobile

Conditional-CSS syntax

[if IE] - Used if the browser is IE [if ! Opera] - Used if the browser is not Opera [if IE 5] - Used if browser is IE 5 [if lte IE 6] - Used if the browser is IE 6 or less (IE 5, IE 4 etc) [if ! gt IE 6] - Same effect as the previous statement, if not greater than IE 6

Conditional-CSS box

div.box { width: 400px; [if IE 5] width: 600px; padding: 0 100px; }