Bug Found: Restore SSL Configuration

When trying to backup & restore a site running SSL, I am receiving this error:

Restoring SSL Apache virtual host configuration and certificate …
Restore failed : Missing file to open at WebminCore::…/web-lib-funcs.pl line 2695

I was able to reproduce the issue too many times to count. I did fresh backups and ensured everything was being included.

While trying to troubleshoot the issue, I observed that Apache was trying to restart but missing the SSL CA (${HOME}/ssl.ca) file that was uploaded to the primary server.

I peeked inside the backup domain.tar.gz file and saw the following files (related to SSL):

Just creating the domain.com_ssl_ca file and recreating the domain.com.tar.gz archive didn’t resolve the issue.

I’ve tried many different things, but I’ve had zero success using any of the built-in restore tools. What I can (kinda) do is restore all wanted items except the SSL files (and MySQL, but that’s a different story), then enable SSL on the domain, and then reupload my certs into the Virtualmin interface.

Unfortunately, it’s kludgy and won’t be efficient in a pinch. I would love to provide some log data (or see it for myself), but I don’t know if/where webmin/Virtualmin log any information to.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Since this is currently a non-production server I can give Virtualmin staff access to the server to recreate the issue.

My Virtualmin backup settings:

  • All Servers, subservers, and all plans
  • Features
    • Virtual server password, description and other details
    • Administration user's password, quota and Cron jobs
    • Records in DNS domain, except SOA
    • Apache webserver configuration
    • Webalizer configuration and schedule
    • Apache SSL webserver configuration and certificate
    • Logrotate configuration for log file
    • Webmin ACL files
  • Virtualmin settings to also backup
    • Module configuration
    • Server templates
    • Custom fields, links and shells
  • Backup Format: One file per server (old format) <== I can't use the new format since I'm not backing up the Home directory apparently
  • Action on error: Continue
  • Backup level: Full


Yeah, it sounds like you may have stumbled across a bug… I’d recommend taking all the wonderful information you offered above, and pasting that into a bug report (using the Support link above), and Jamie can work with you to resolve that.



FYI (for closure of this thread), bug thread and resolution here: http://www.virtualmin.com/node/12259