BUG! Creation of email aliases from Edit Users - Email Settings - Additonal Email Addresses

Whenever I create a new email alias using edit users - email settings - additional email Addresses even though the addresses are correct username@domain when I go to edit mail aliases directly all the additonal email addresses that weer in the list have been reformatted to username-domain.

If I edit them and change them to be correct username@domain they stay there, but if I go into edit users - email settings - additional email Addresses and change anything in the additonal email address box and save it they are all reset to username-domain and are no longer vaild addresses.

Can you advise please.



That may just be a display problem.

When using the user@domain.tld username format, that’s not supported by Postfix… in order to get that to work, Virtualmin creates a second username, using the format user-domain.tld, with the same UID and GID.

I suspect it’s just incorrectly displaying the username with the “-” character there.

Can you verify that you’re able to send and receive emails?


I can confirm that it’s just a display issue in the “Edit Mail Aliases” list. I have the same effect as sparticle described, and my aliases work (and are editable) just fine. :slight_smile:

Eric also explained correctly how this happens. To Postfix, it doesn’t matter if the mail gets forwarded to “user@domain.tld” or “user-domain.tld”, because both (logical) names point to the actual same Linux user (i.e. user ID, homedir and stuff). It’s just that Postfix doesn’t like the “@” format, so the “-” one is used.

Yes email gets through to the aiias and primary address. needs to be corrected in the display. It seems to be editing the additional email addresses via the edit users menu option that re-formats them.


When email is received from the user the email address displayed is username-domain not username@domain !!!

Problem for replying to the email as it is an invalid email address format for email client.


I always thought it kinda silly that an email server doesn’t like @ in email addresses… I’m sure there is a valid reason. Why can’t IT just handle both (or just use the traditional email format with @ that everybody in the world knows) instead of having to duplicate everything using both ways? It just seems very counter intuitive.

I don’t think it’s about “@ in email addresses”, but in destination users. Postfix of course handles @ in email addresses, it has to, but for some reason it can’t deliver mails to Linux users with an @ in the name. Might be a placeholder for something or other technical reasons.

It’s mostly a Linux thing that mail recipients are equal to system users. :slight_smile:

OK it seems it’s just the edit users additional email addresses section that is causing the issue. If aliases are created and edited directly from the edit email aliases menu then the problem does not occur.

However the address that is passed into Roundcube is still username-domain not username@domain so there is still some issue with the scripts. It would be good for this to be fixed, as it means there needs to be manual editing after automatically creating basic domain for a new domain owner.


Users trying to send email to username-domain. Of course fails. Can this be looked at as it is not consistent in Virtualmin. Some emails created with the correct syntax other aliases not correct.