Bug-Backup in Background

I Believe this might be a bug (Very Minor!)

I was rearranging my backup locations using Virtualmin, and when Testing the complete VirtualServer Back-up (EVERYTHING), I did it 2x in the backgroun as I didn’t want to wait…

When you Click go Back to Scheduled Backups, It gives you:

Backup failed : No features selected to backup

<- Return to previous page

Click that and:

Starting background backup to local file /home/Back-ups/Vservers/Vserv_DBs_Conf-%d-%m-%Y …
… completion email will be sent to miker1029@android-x86.net.

<- Return to Scheduled Backups

And loops, If you click the arrow on to “Go Back to Module Index” will break you out of the loop. (Didn’t try menu links)

And the Back-up Completes just fine, as I said Minor, as it does what it’s supposed to.

Just figured I would bring it to your attention.