Browser IP Conflict between Virtualmin and Virtual Website while logged in?

I recently installed a fresh copy of Virtualmin on a new Centos 6.2 home server. Everything as been being just fine with one exception. I’ve noticed that while I have Virtualmin control panel open (via server IP address) in one browser tab and I’m navigating a Virtual site (via URL), the browser gets stuck when clicking around on the new website. Both are open in the same browser. Is it possible that the browser is getting confused and stalling? Eventually the browser will get ‘unstuck’ and let me continue. I’ve noticed this in both Chrome and IE8.

It is very unlikely that any such “conflict” occurs, considering that the Virtualmin control panel and the website itself are generated by two completely independent processes (“miniserv” and Apache in this case).

So the issue you describe is odd. First of all, I’d try clearing out the browser. I.e. clear caches, cookies, histories and stuff, and restart the browser. Then you might use different browsers for control panel and website, to see what happens then.

Furthermore, you need to elaborate more on how the browser gets “stuck”. Stuck how exactly? Waiting for connection or data? Or not reacting to clicks? Also check the logs on the server, especially Apache access and error log, and possibly nameserver resolution, when that getting stuck occurs.