browser cache control from server

I am making a website in html for a client
there is a .gif animation as a hover (called by css)

when hovering the mouse over it, it plays in FF, IE7, Safari Mac and IE6
when hovering a second time it does not play in IE7 and Safari Mac, but does in the other browsers.

I ‘assume’ that the browser shows the gif from cache and then only shows the last frame.

Without trying to put some extra code into the .gif, since IE won’t listen to it and the meta headers no-cache/pragma do not work, I was thinking to override the browser caching behavior from the server.

So I go to webmin - servers - apache webserver - click the domain
and then what?
Do I need a CGI scipt? (who what where how:)
Or can I generate proper HTTP headers otherwise? (who what where how:)

Or is there a simpler way to make sure the .gif animations are not cached somehow but played everytime it is being hovered upon without using swf in the most crappiest browser ever written?

The example is at and the hover shows up when mouse is at the left at the grey colored thing, just move the mouse and you’ll see.