browse to url returns boxbilling error for this subdomain as well as Is normal?

Hi guys,
I am really confused. First i would just like to say, i do not have any mail client installed…so im not expecting that the following urls should work. However, the error i am getting is not what i expected.

I have two virtual servers on a webmin machine… (whm complete system) (box billing)

I am having problems with a problematic install of Box Billing to, ie… it will not install properly as it “cannot connect to database” during setup, is producing an error on what i thought is a different url…ie I have checked my database credentials repeatedly, even tried new database and new user without success.

Anyway, is the following url issue normal behaviour with a subdomain on virtualmin?

Typing in the following urls, and, both produce an identical box billing generated and logo page errors (box billing is not installed on both subdomains???)

Code: 1698

SQLSTATE[HY000] [1698] Access denied for user ‘foo’@‘localhost’

i have checked my webmail in webmin>postfix>User Email and the postfix email service is sending and receiving emails and appears to remain unaffected which is good. However, i do not understand the meaning of the above error message, or why it is being generated on what should be different virtual server urls with the same box billing logo?