Broken charset when migrating a vhost

Hi everyone.
I use Virtualmin GPL with two different servers and I try to use the backup functions to migrate one server’s virtual hosts to the other. It works quite fine (passwords, etc.), except one thing : in the HTML files, the charset is broken, and all special characters of french (éèàç,…) become something else when they are on the new server. I didn’t chech if mysql databases have the same problème.
What is odd, there, is that my two servers have the same language settings (UTF8). I don’t understand where the problem happens, and I wonder if there are virtualmin settings to chage…

Am I alone to experiment this problem ?

Changing below worked for me when I was moving my server.

In httpd.conf add (or change if it’s already there):

AddDefaultCharset utf-8

or just comment it out? maybe someone else can pitch in on this.