Blocked from Logging in

Hello Everyone,
For some reason i get randomly blocked from my Webmin? Everytime i try to login today it tells me i am blocked but i have not logged into at all? I now cannot access my Webmin at all as it keeps telling me that i am blocked. Any help would be appreciated using the latest version of Virtualmin and using Ubuntu 18.04.




Have a look at /etc/webmin/miniserv.users file and make sure that the user you’re trying to login with doesn’t have ! in the string. If it does, remove it.

Restart Webmin in anyway, and it will let you login as expected.


Also, if something or someone on your IP is triggering fail2ban for other services (e.g., mail) your IP will be blocked. I have users run into this all the time because their IT admin doesn’t realise they have a mis-configured machine on their network.


@Rockyuk are you log in as root? I never seen blocked msg on my virtualmin but perhaps you log in as normal user… try to log in as root with root password…

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