Blocked by Virtualmin/webmin

I’m being blocked

I cant access anything. Its like I don’t have internet, and can’t access ssh, or my webpage or email ,.

If I change to another ISP (differente public ip) I can access OK.

I haved flushed iptables by csf, and nothing.

I have searched a lot and cant find anything.

Please Help


Do you see your IP address in the output of this command:

iptables -L -n

Can you ping the server?

When you do a traceroute (e.g. with “winmtr” on Windows), does the path end at your server, or a router before it?

Yes I can ping and do a traceroute and it ends with the server with a different public IP

But with my public IP in my office I can’t even access or ping or do anything, its completely blocked, what happened its that I tried to access with my ftp program many times and I believe that it blocked me.



Well, Virtualmin doesn’t perform any blocking… and the supported Linux distros don’t come with tools enabled for that either.

Do you have any automated blocking tools that were installed after your server was setup?

You mentioned having CSF, is that currently running?

If so, you may want to completely disable that, along with any firewall rules it generated.

If you’re still having problems after that, can you run this command on your server and post the output:

iptables -L -n

Please answer all of my questions.

Do you see your IP address in the output of this command:

iptables -L -n

Does the traceroute from the computer where you have problems end at the server, or somewhere earlier?

CSF might have blocked it for some reason. Like Eric said, neither Virtualmin nor Linux blocks IPs just like that by default.