block bind ddos attack

Hi All !!
I’ve got 2 dns authoritative servers running Centos 5.11 and bind 9.3.6 that are under ddos attack from about 1 month.
Searching the web I see the possibility to activate RRL under bind from version 9.9.4. Is there possibility to update my bind to that version? Is it compatible with Webmin Cluster for dns synchronization between this 2 servers?
Thanks a lot!


Version 9.3.6 is the latest BIND version available to CentOS 5.

However, version 9.9.5 does come with Ubuntu 14.04. It may come with CentOS 7 as well, though I’m not certain about that.

It would work with Webmin.

Some folks use packages from third party repositories… while we don’t recommend doing that, and this isn’t tested, you also have the option of seeing if a third party repository has the BIND version you want for CentOS 5.


Thanks Eric.

Is it possible to synchronize 2 dns servers using Cluster Webmin function that run 2 different version of Bind?

Yup! That shouldn’t be a problem.

It doesn’t synchronize BIND settings, just the zone files. And the zone file syntax should be the same across BIND versions.


Thanks a lot !!