Blank Emails and unknown sender after migration from cpanel

Hello everyone,

I have just started to use virtualmin and i come from whm/cpanel. I have setup everything, migrated all virtualhosts from cpanel to virtualmin using the migrate server option. Everything seems to be running smoothly but the problem is with emails.
The transferred email accounts exists and users can login with their old credentials but most of the old emails appear blank and from unknown sender.

Here is a screenshot:

While the content is random dump data, which seems like content is in an unreadable format.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Did you use these instructions when importing it is a must to use each user account details?

The most important thing is that you must enter each user details from the cpanel, don’t use the find automatic option…

Thank you TheRavenKing for your reply. Yes that is the procedure that i have followed. The webserver, the accounts everything works. The user can login to its email using the old credentials, the only problem is that most of the mails seem to be blank (not all of them). A guess of mine is that it has to do something with encryption maybe when the emails where send from a client like thunderbird or outlook.

It it helps this are the headers showing when i try to read the emails

Hmm, not sure if that’s the encryption looks more or a different mysql db character set / scheme, I had several corrupted db schemes from cpanel, I only discovered it when like you i did the mysql import, total wrong scheme, you better check it. As you can see and read all emails as the user its most likely that