Blackberry connection problems


I’m having problems with blackberry devices. Some of my users are unable to send emails when connecting to the server.

The server was recently restarted and after that the users were experiencing problems but as far as I can tell the all the services restarted.

Can anybody help?



You may want to review the mail logs – /var/log/maillog, and /var/log/mail.log, to see if any errors are being generated when folks are trying to send a message.


Hi Eric

Thanks for the tip but unfortunately I can’t see any errors in the logs when the users who are experiencing problems try to send messages.

In fact there are no errors at all in the logs. everything appear to be working normally.


Hmm, do you have more details on what specifically is going wrong then? Any error messages you receive on the Blackberry itself?

What about other clients – can you send emails using Outlook or Thunderbird?


I’m getting details on the error message at the moment form the users.

I have not had any other reported problems about the other client such as Thunderbird and outlook, it is just reported on the blackberry.

I will post any other information when I get it. Should be a couple of hours.