Bitnami virtual servers deployment

I’ve recently had opportunity to work with a VPS that uses Virtualmin (GPL) as the admin console.

What I would like to do is use Virtualmin to pop Bitnami-based virtual servers.

Has anyone done this?
How would I go about doing this?

I know (& have) done this manually via CLI, but hoping there’s a better (& easier way) of doing this


There’s a few Bitnami related posts in the Forums, but this one here is probably most relevant to what you’re asking:

cheers @andreychek.

I did see that (searching for “Bitnami” first before posting questions), but that does not really address the query sufficiently.

I guess what I’ll be looking for is possibly a way of extending the stack with some custom scripting, to automate the deployment of self-contained Bitnami stacks.
I’ve actually been pondering this for a while, in the context of deploying those stacks in a LXC container so as to sandbox the stacks - per virtual server.

The scheme that I have in mind could look something like:

  1. provisioning virtual servers via Virtualmin (check)
  2. provisioning pre-built Bitnami stacks via Virtualmin (WiP)
  3. sandboxing Bitnami deployments in LXC’s (TBD)
  4. automate the hell out of it via - or something along those lines