Bind9 messed up


Today something weird happened to my Bind9 install.
Nothing gets resolved outside, while all local domains are resolved.

At a closer look, db.root file from /etc/bind is empty.
I had to add the ISP nameservers to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/tail for any external domain to be resolved.

Any clue how can db.root be emptied without someone actually deleting the content?


I hadn’t heard of that happening before, I’m not sure what might have caused that.

It’s working properly now though after the changes you made?


After adding forwarders, it is working.
I have downloaded the latest named.root and now everything works again without forwarders or ISP DNS.

  • named.root needs to be renamed to db.root

confirming that

/etc/named.root.key has to be renamed to db.root for external hosts to work again.

the file can be edited using Webmin File Manager -> Webmin/others/File Manager

Bind 9.9.4
Centos 7
Virtualmin + Webmin latest version