BIND service stopped unexpectedly

Operating system:
Centos 7

1 core, 2GB ram generic droplet serving 1 website.
30 days history shows that CPU peaked on 25%, disk IO rate max 419.42 blocks/s, network IPv4 traffic out max 773.66 Kb/s

Hi, I have several virtualmin servers. Some of them have bind service stopped in seemingly random ocassion.

The server I asked for this topic is centos 7 because it just happened.
Journalctl -xe doesnt show old logs, only show when I started the service, it looks like the service have been down for quite a long time.

What should I check to find the source of problem? can bind service restarted if it stopped unexpectedly?

This may be unrelated:
I have servers running ubuntu 18.04, ubuntu 20.04, centos 7, centos 8, and I don't remember which one experiencing this problem too.

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