Bind Secondary DNS Server

heya guys
i have the second server setup as in a tutorial i found on here, when i update a zone its not auto transfering to the slave server when i go apply, if i go onto webmin on the slave server and go apply zone in there it then transfers the records correctly but how can i get it doing it automatically like it should?

Any errors in the log? (Depends on your OS where it logs, but maybe messages.log)

Try restarting BIND on both the slave and the master and watching the log while doing so. Restarting will trigger a zone update, and will probably give some clues about why it is failing.

when i restart on the slave server it transfers all the records the same as if i go into the slave webmin and go apply zone so that sides partly working

on the master server…
there is nothing in the logs to do with it :frowning:

So, it sounds like the master isn’t notifying the slave of changes. Does the slave have the necessary ports open on it’s firewall?

i assume so, ive opened
10001 - 10010
unless theres one ive missed somewhere?

I’m running out of ideas. :wink:

There’s the “also-notify” directive, which might be useful to try on the master. Webmin ought to be setting up notification, but maybe the IP or name it used isn’t actually valid for your slave.

We really ought to be seeing some errors somewhere if there’s a problem. Since you’re not seeing any errors, it probably means notification isn’t even being attempted.

:stuck_out_tongue: i always have the hard ones for ya lol
also-notify {;

i have put that in yesterday for each one but doesnt seem to change it