BInd running, but won't resolve?

Hi all,

Previously, I’ve been running Windows 2003 but thought it was about time that I migrated over to Linux. I’ve chosen Ubuntu 8.04.

I was running a Web, FTP, Mail and DNS server on 2003, but have managed to sucessfully migrate everything over except for the DNS side of things.

Ubuntu is managing the mail, web and ftp server but the 2003 box is still being the name server for the couple of domains I have. Wanting to totally move over my latest phase is to get BIND up and running to manage the DNS.

Virtualmin pro created the domains for me automatically upon domain creation, so I have changed the name servers in my registrars control panel but after 3 days the domain still won’t resolve. I can ping the IP, but not the domain name, and when I run a WHOIS I’m seeing the correct details there.

As the DNS side of things is pretty much how it was automatically set up I’m wondering if it’s IPtables, which I have played about with, is blocking it.

Here is the zone file;

$ttl 38400
@ IN SOA server1. root.server1. (
38400 )
@ IN NS IN A 78...* IN A 78...* IN A 78...* IN A 78...* IN A IN A 78...* IN A 78...* IN A 78...* IN A 78...* IN A 78...* IN MX 5 IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx a:domain ip4:78...* ?all"

If that looks correct to you then could you please let me know what you think of the Linux Firewall module screenshot below… Any advice would be very welcome…

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"if input interface is not eth0"
your uplink is on some other device then? Then why not: If input interface is eth1 or how ever the device is called on your box

try replacing port 53 with port domain (type domain where is 53) and click apply configuration

I don’t see any reason to suspect iptables.

Have you run through the troubleshooting tips here:,dns_troubleshooting/

And here:

That’ll tell you if things are answering locally, and a lot of other useful data.

Thanks guys, seemed to have got it sorted now… :slight_smile:

would you mind telling what it was for future reference?
thanks and grats on resolving