Bind Question

Now ive used webmin/virutalmin for some time now and never used/knew what Bind dns server is? Is there a tut or something I can read/watch on what it does and how to do it?

Silly Question I know



The BIND DNS server is a service that performs DNS resolution – software will ask it what the IP address for a given domain name, and it returns that information for them.

In Server Configuration -> DNS Records – the BIND DNS server is what stores that information.

There’s a number of DNS tutorials out there – I happen to like the O’Reilly book “DNS and BIND”, but there’s plenty of others as well.


Hey, I meant a tut/how-to on the virtualmin part :stuck_out_tongue:

But cheers for the info

What exactly do you need to know about BIND under Virtualmin?

Well ive used cloudflare all the time, is Bind the same kind of thing?

Uhm… No. Cloudflare is a service company, BIND is a piece of software.

Well, Cloudflare might probably use BIND. Or some other nameserver that’s better tailored to their performance requirements.

I strongly suggest you follow up on Eric’s advice and study some online tutorial about operating your own nameserver, especially BIND, before you try to configure it through a “does it all for you” interface like Virtualmin. Otherwise, especially since you seem to have zero knowledge about nameservers right now :), you will quickly run into stuff that doesn’t work as expected.

Especially with the topic of nameservers the rule is very true that control panels like Virtualmin can save you a great deal of work in everyday administration, but you still need a firm understanding of the underlying software and mechanisms.

To make an analogy here: If you want to safely drive a car (operate a root server), you don’t need to know how the engine works (how to code your own service applications), but you still need to know what gas, brake and clutch are (how stuff like name resolution works) and how to refill water and oil (how to make configuration changes).

Thanks Locutus time to do some reading than :slight_smile: