BIND DNS Server stops repeatedly and I have to either restart it or just reboot the whole server


As the title says. A lot of the time I try to access a website hosted on my server to find out it’s unreachable due to DNS issues, so I have to reboot the whole server (as I’m too lazy to find the IP address and use virtualmin to restart the BIND DNS Server individually) and this is driving me crazy, what’s the reason? It’s a fresh installation of Virtualmin with all of the default settings. I’ve faced this issue on two DataCenters (totally different providers).

My server has 1GB of RAM and during the installation I did not check all of those RAM-greedy stuff as I am using this to host my own personal websites.

What should/could I do to identify the issue and try to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve use virtualmin for quite some time and not seen such an issue (unless DNS settings are not right)

have you tried testing with ?
do you have a particular domain that is faulty ?


How much RAM do you have on the Virtualmin server of yours?

I have 8GB on my main server and 4GB on two other servers.

Stop using Bind and use Google or something.

You need that service??

Also does you domain registrar people not offer a DNS service??

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You may want to check the “dmesg” output to see if there’s any “OOM Killer” messages there… it’s possible BIND is being killed off due to lack of RAM.

It sounds like you’ve already attempted to free up some RAM, one option would be to create some additional swap space. But ultimately you may just end up needing more RAM.