BIND DNS Server is uninstalled after the last upgrade

This is kind of critical: I hope someone form the team will react soon. Am I the only one affected by the last Virtualmin update?

I never chroot, so the last Virtualmin update screwed up all my Virtualmin systems. Anyway, I’ve resolved this issue on one of my Virtualmin servers by going to the module configuration page and changing

“Chroot directory to run BIND under” from /var/named/chroot to none


“Command to find chroot directory” from sh -c ‘. /etc/sysconfig/named && echo “$ROOTDIR”’ to “Use fixed directory above”.

Just for the record, someone with the nick vladuzzz suggests different approach on

open a terminal at your server (you have to open it from the server itself)
type yum install bind-chroot
after restart server
then go to webmin _>bind server (or whatever) and you can configure bind

There is another relevant discussion here on

Your not the only one, we have one customer who is experiencing the same problem after a recent update. But, your fix did the trick at our end, thanks!

I also would like to know what caused this problem?