Okay, here goes…

Not a noob at all… Just wanting to confirm a theory about Bind DNS setups…

First - Setting up an entirely new setup, two VirtualminPro servers and two "utility" servers. What I thinking about doing (maybe) is…

A) Set up the two utility servers as ns1 and ns2 w/webmin installed on both
B) Register ns1 and ns2 with my registrar as DNS servers
C) Create Virtual for primary domain on Virtualmin 1
D) Set up slave/master on Virtualmin 1 to update Utility1 and Utility2
E) Point Registrar records to ns1 and ns2 for the domain(s)

So, when virtuals are created on Virtualmin1, the "real" nameservers (ns1 and ns2) are automagically updated from Virtualmin1 as slaves… But the day to day work of resolution is being handled by the other two separate machines.

Am I completely whacked? Or am I onto something?


That’s exactly how things are intended to work, and why managing DNS servers in this way is so easy.

Just in case anyone else is following along at home, the docs for this kind of configuration can be found here:,dns_slave_auto-configuration_quickstart/

And, Scott is taking it one step further by making his local DNS server a silent dummy that never actually does any work–it just acts as a master to keep the real servers in sync. (BIND in a configuration like this can be quite small and use quite minimal resources…a few MB, if you just set it up to forward recursive queries.)