Bind DNS domain failed!

Adding new DNS zone …
… BIND DNS domain failed! : Failed to open /var/lib/bind/ for writing : Bad file descriptor at …/ line 1332.

This is what i’ve gotten when adding a new virtual server to my vps. Not sure what it is. Any suggestions? I’m new to virtualmin, like the interface so much more.


What distro are you using? And how did you install Virtualmin, did you use the script?

Also, does the directory “/var/lib/bind/” exist on your server?


I’m using Debian 4. And yes I used the script.

and no, i don’t have a bind directory.

I’m new to this, so any kind of help would be appreciated.

Okay I think I may have figured it out. in the BIND DNS Module config, I changed the directory to store in default instead of var/lib/bind. Hope that fixes it, it seemed too.

I had same problem also using deb4 and install script fixed by : mkdir /var/lib/bind