BIND configuration for virtual server

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.10 Preinstalled Armhf
Machine: Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Software: BIND 9.16, Webmin 1.962, Virtualmin 6.13
Issue: I do not know how to set up BIND to work for my virtual server.

Hello, I am running Webmin on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu and have installed Virtualmin by first installing its dependencies and then installing the module. I skipped the post-installation config because Vmin complained about not being able to write to /etc/webmin/virtual-server. After doing a ton of checks on the configuration I created my first virtual server which I am going to run Wordpress on and use as my main website. I have the sub domain and I put that in the domain field when I created the virtual server. I am using for DNS because my subdomain is from their shared registry. I would like to have all services enabled for this virtual server as it is the main site I want to run on this subdomain. Currently, on the FreeDNS site, it shows I have one A record for, pointing to, my local IP address. I want to make an NS record on FreeDNS pointing to so I can control DNS from the BIND server running on my Pi. That way I am not limited by the five record limit on freeDNS. I have set up a DNS zone for but in the settings for the zone it says I do not have an NS record. I do not know what to set for this record, and if I tell FreeDNS to point requests at, Webmin no longer responds. Also, I want to serve Webmin through Apache, so I don’t need the mini server, but I can’t seem to get the virtualhosts to work. They are set to serve /usr/share/webmin over port 80 on but they only show the default page.

Thanks for the help,

UPDATE: I read some more posts and found that I needed to set the NS record to my IP, so it points to itself. Unfortunately, I have not port forwarded port 10000, only 80 and 443. I’m going to go into Webmin config files to change the port to 80, then set the default vhost to use, and webmin to use

hi, if you have access on lan to your pi its okay to access virtualmin via ip:10000 but yes - you will have to run bind on that pi and have one dedicated domain which you would use for dns-es for other domains - to manage them via your pi. I am very sorry I have pi my self however I do use it as backup server - nothing like for production server for websites, meaning my advice would end here. I am not sure but last time I had a look on os-es supported by virtualmin I think pi was not there, perhaps I could be wrong those days, its been long time ago. I hope so it was somehow help.

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