Billing System for Virtualmin PRO


I’m looking for a Billing System to be integrated into Virtualmin PRO. I saw that AWBS PRO supports VM, but with some limitations:

Someone knows valid alternatives?

The limitation is merely that you need an independent webserver instance for AWBS, to make use of all Virtualmin features (in particular SSL website configuration).

It doesn’t actually have to be a separate physical server. The reason for this is that AWBS runs under Apache, and if you create a virtual server in Virtualmin that requires an Apache restart AWBS loses state (because the webserver is restarted out from under it). If you never create SSL sites via AWBS–e.g. you make it an option that has to be enabled by an administrator directly from the Virtualmin interface, you will likely not run into any problems…there are only a few tasks that Virtualmin performs that require a hard restart of Apache (anything that requires binding to a new address, mainly, which is almost always only ever done for SSL sites).

Not to put you off on getting AWBS but I tried them last year and got ZIPPO for any help back then.

AWBS was and most likely still beta testing VM Pro support and the cost of the license, which they will not refund, is just not worth the ify support they give.

But this is just my experience and 2 cents.

Ok, thanks for the advice. At this point I do not know whether to buy or not, although I understand that AWBS at present is the only software to support VM Pro.


Yeah, we’d really like to see some other options entering the fray, but we can’t force companies to support Virtualmin. But, if their customers start asking them for Virtualmin support, they’d get in line pretty quick, I think. So, anyone that’s reading this a customer of any billing system…ask them (politely) for Virtualmin support.

There are also a few Open Source options out there…it’d be really nice if those supported Virtualmin, as well. Most are not quite as feature-filled as some of the bigger commercial names, but they’d fill the current hole.

Thought I’d chime in here again.

The limitations listed for AWBS are erroneous. THey got posted while I was hammering the programmers to fix their engine ( that was a couple years ago already). They were busy blaming VM or Apache at the time. Since then I have it running on the same box as VM. It even has the capability of handling the reseller mode if the security issues of the API and root access could be handled.

They’ve gotten alot better now that they see actual VM users getting joining the fray. It’s already hosting and domain registering integrated and feature packed. We’ve been through alot of billing packages but none match up at all for the price. The hard part is being around all the cpanel users in the forum =:0

Hope that helps a little,

Maybe I’ll try them again and this time try there Leased License.

This way I won’t get ripped off for much again. Getting ripped off for $170 the last time hurt.

Just ordered that leased license and they still have "I understand that all sales are final" crap.

Personally I think AWBS is a rip off. If you have problems you agree you can’t get your money back. Basically scam you for money.

why isn’t Joe and Jamie making a module for billing and provisioning the VM Pro for an exra fee?
An API for PHPCoin or for some Open Source software.

I wish I could write codes :frowning:

Ronald I tried that – I love phpcoin and even offered to help pay for a VM module for it if Joe/Jamie would create one.

The reply was…

As for AWBS – those people must be on drugs. It’s the most confusing program I have ever used. Just editing the frontpage has taken me 2 days and its still not right.

phpCoin you can create/edit/delete right through the interface. Not AWBS – you have to figure out which file to edit and frankly I don’t like it.

I got phpCoin up and running in 1 day. I’m still trying to figure out AWBS. At least this time I only wasted $17 bucks and they wont be getting that again.

why isn't Joe and Jamie making a module for billing and provisioning the VM Pro for an exra fee? An API for PHPCoin or for some Open Source software.

As soon as I figure out how to fork a copy of myself (or, better, a copy of Jamie), we’ll get right on it. As it is, our todo list is already growing faster than we can close out items. We’re at that uncomfortable point where we can’t hire additional developers or support folks (not quite enough revenue), but have more customers than we can handle as well as we’d like.

There are a few changes coming in the next 30 or so days that will flip this problem on its head a bit, and will probably free up either economic or time resources (hopefully more of the former than the latter). The Early Adopter beta period is ending 30 days after I release the FreeBSD installer, which is rapidly approaching completion–probably two or three days out. When that happens, the 50% discount on our products ends (a couple of nice things happen at the same time, including a couple of new free modules, and I suspect the new theme will also be wrapping up at that point, so it’s not all bad news), so revenues will either go up, or our new customer load will go down. In the former case, assuming our sales volume doesn’t decrease, we’ll have more revenue to spread around to various development projects. If sales decrease due to the higher price, then we’ll have fewer new customers to support, and we’ll have a little more free time, without impacting revenue significantly (we have pretty good reason to believe the former is far more likely, since Virtualmin Professional will still be the best value for most hosting providers, and bulk licensing will become the norm rather than something we have to deal with on an individual basis).

So, basically, that’s a long way of saying: Because we’re already working too many hours to be sustainable–we can’t commit to any more projects at the moment. Even a seemingly small one. We would certainly encourage others to do so, though. And, if the billing situation doesn’t look better within a couple of months of the end of Early Adopter (and, even sooner if our large bulk licensing customers start rumbling about it more than the other stuff on our todo list), I’ll personally dig in on making some of the Open Source options work with Virtualmin…or hire one of the developers on those projects to make it happen.

Scott’s impatience is legendary, so I won’t try to convince him that we’re doing the best we can to answer everyone’s needs and wants as quickly as possible–he’s already convinced of my sloth. But, I believe I can easily convince a majority of folks reading that there are a few serious priorities that we need to be working hardest on, and the biggest of them is the new theme. We also have a large cadre of FreeBSD users (our fourth most popular OS after CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu, and a common component in many very large shared hosting environments) who have been waiting patiently for their turn–some of them two years or more. And, of course, the website sucks in many silly ways, so I need to launch the new version of the site as soon as possible, and certainly before the EA period ends (since many of the bulk licensing features require new code to be written and I don’t intend to build it twice).

I assure you we’re not just sitting around eating bon bons and discussing the weather at Virtualmin HQ. :wink:

I am not impatient :slight_smile: I just want it now LOL

I know you guys are swamped – ok you are right I am impatient but geez a timeline - anything to let us know you haven’t forgotten.

Joe, the "the 50% discount on Virtualmin products" will end in two or three days or in the next 30 days?

30 days after FreeBSD support is announced.

Well, I will try to sell as much as possible until then!