Best OS right now for Virtualmin

I m going to make a vps with virtualmin,
what’s the best os to start with?
I m familiar with debian and ubuntu but I can also learn centOS if the difference of stability is important.

I want to incur less possible problems of compatibility.



Anything on the supported OS list is good. The best OS is the one you are most familiar with. Less chance you’ll make mistakes, and easier to resolve issues, if any.

Use Ubuntu, always Ubuntu

What you’re familiar with is good advice. Right now, we’re battling with Ubuntu 18.04. They replaced the network configuration system with something entirely new, so it’s incompatible with all prior versions. So, if you want the latest apt-based distro, Debian 9 is it. The most popular OS is CentOS, and it gets the most testing because of it, but if you’re more familiar with Debian, that’d probably be the way to go.

Ubuntu 18.04 will be supported soon, but I don’t know exactly how soon. So, for now, Ubuntu is stuck at a somewhat older version.