Being stuck with letsencrypt

I really love the idea using letsencrypt with Webmin & Virtualmin. I have two OSes i use virtualmin/webmin with, Debian 7 and Ubuntu 14. Now i am a little stuck with how to proceed. I managed to git the code from letsencrypt and now i am stuck a little. How do i need to install letsencrypt in order to be available for Webmin/Virtualmin to create and update the certs for domains and subdomains? There are different options to install letsencrypt like the apache2 switch etc. So do we have a step by step doc? I don’t want to mess up… There are different approaches here to get it working, so i would like to know, which path to follow.

Even better would be a button in Webmin/Virtualmin to install everything Webmin/virtualmin needs to run. I know that you have included that in new server install script, but how to use it in existing installation to be upgradesafe with future Webmin/Virtualmin versions?

Thanks and best

PS: I know, that you are working on something to help upgrading; do you have an estimate for that?
PPS: I would have liked a seperate webmin module for letsencrypt, which handles the installation automatically like you did with fail2ban :slight_smile:


i have now found out a little more. If you just git it into a folder on your webserver and tell webmin in its config where it can find the letsencrypt-auto command (not only use the path but with the command too like /opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto) it seems to work with the testdomain.

i would like to achieve the following:

  1. Automatically redirect the user, who enters to
  2. Autoupdate certs AND also use them for mailserver communication. I CAN copy the certs over to dovecot, postfix etc. but i would need to do it everytime i get a new cert, right? Any chance to automate this, so setup and forget?

Any chance, that this will be available in a future Virtualmin?

Thanks and best