Batch Creation of Email/FTP Users... issue

Mail and FTP Users => Batch Create Users

From help file:
The user’s mail and home directory quota, in 1 kB disk blocks.

… what I am actually seeing is that no matter what I put in, I always wind up with "unlimited" quota for the user.

Sample test set:
testuser1:First Test:r@nd0m$CR@p:0:1:50000:::
testuser2:Second Test:pUr3jUNk!:0:1:50000:::

… creating via "pasted text". That should give me 50Mb, yes?

Yeah, comparing what you did to the docs, it looks correct.

I’d file a bug report in the Bugs and Issues tracker below so Jamie can take a look. Thanks!

Ok, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a “newbie-ism” issue. :slight_smile: