Basic server setup question.

Hi, when setting up a dedicated server on which you are going to host a main business such as but also multiple virtual domains, say 20+ that also will be using email on the same dedicated system, can you please tell me what the hostname should be and rDNS record should be.

So that all is setup correctly and email from what ever domain is never rejected because of confusion from the main hostnane and rDNS etc etc etc … from other external server mailers as, google, outlook etc etc etc

Pretty simple yeah?


Just use any resolvable hostname and associated rdns.

Ex. => =>

Email gets rejected when you don’t have the above, NOT because you are sending from say “” which is also hosted on the machine. You simply need to ensure that the IP address resolves to a hostname on the server in general.

Hope this helps; if you have any other questions feel free to post, or drop me a line.

Thanks Peter. will continue setting up this new server and any probs be sure you will hear from me.

Make sure “myhostname =” is set in /etc/postfix/ to match the DNS/RDNS you set as well. Restart postfix after making changes in that file.

This should happen automatically in most cases, though it depends on the distribution as to how myhostname gets set (on Debian/Ubuntu, I believe it comes out of /etc/hostname, which can be wrong in some cases…we set it during install, if the installer sets the hostname, but we don’t change it if the hostname is already fully qualified when installation starts, on the assumption that the user knows what they’re doing and meant for it to be whatever way it is).