Basic help getting Virtualmin to work

I am having all sorts of problems trying to get Virtualmin to work using the Amazon EC2 AMI. I activated an EC2 image and was able to log on and create some domains (I thought). I was then able to FTP to these sites and upload site content into the FTP login directory. However when I try to browse to any of the sites I only get the default Apache start page.

I was referred to the documentation section on "The Wrong Site Shows Up" where it says "Correcting this problem is as simple as making the IP address in the NameVirtualHost directives match the right VirtualHost directives" whatever they are! It then refer to the "Virtualmin Module Configuration under the Other Server Settings category". Unfortunately I can see no "Other Server Settings" category under the Virtualmin interface.

This is all gobboldygook for someone like me who just wants to configure a few websites. Can anyone help or suggest a user friendly alternative like the Cobalt RaQ I used to use?


“Virtualmin Module Configuration” means click on “Module Config” in the System Settings menu. The docs are actually a bit out of date. The “Other server settings” section has been more accurately renamed “Network settings”. I’ve just corrected the docs on that.

The gobbledygook is referring to your httpd.conf file (found in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf). You can also clean it up in the Webmin->Servers->Apache Webserver module. Click on each of the Virtual servers, and update the Address and Ports section to match reality (the IP you’d like Apache to bind to for this virtual server).

You do understand that a big part of the complexity here is introduced by EC2, right? Because EC2 has a number of elements outside of Virtualmin’s knowledge or control, including several aspects of the network, you do have to understand a bit more about things than you would if you were installing Virtualmin onto a server with regular old public IP addresses and a physical disk. We’re happy to help, but your assumption that Virtualmin is making your life really difficult…when it’s entire purpose in life is to make it easier, is making it harder. We only want to make things easier. We’re not trying to confuse you, I promise.