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I am having trouble putting together a working system that provides the following

POP & SMTP with Spam Assassin, Clam AV & Mailscanner & MailWatch
Apache web server.

I have always take the easy route and have installed plesk, which pretty much does everything for you.

Does anyone have any notes how to setup virtualmin server that works.



Hi Richard,

Did you ever get MailScanner working on this?



would the documentation help?,com_openwiki/Itemid,48/id,virtualmin_installation_quickstart/

I got working servers on centos and installed through the setup script.


Sorry I should have made myself clear.

I meant did he get mailscanner working with virtualmin.



I suspect you can use Mailscanner with Virtualmin… Virtualmin isn’t going to manage it for you, you’re going to have to set it up manually, and maybe tweak some things afterwards.

Also, if you want to have MailScanner pass email through SpamAssassin and ClamAV, you’ll have to disable Virtualmin’s Spam and Virus processing.

If you install Virtualmin using the, you’ll have a working system with just Postfix, ClamAV, and SpamAssassin. If there’s additional functionality you want, and you’d like to put MailScanner into the mix, just follow the MailScanner installation instructions to get that running.

Also worth noting that Postfix’ author has historically discouraged use of Mailscanner, due to issues with the way it hits the mail queues directly. I don’t know if that problem still exists, or not.

But, Eric is right. Our Postfix installation is practically stock. There are a handful of configuration directives changed…but very little. You’d want to disable our mail processing tools, since it’d be stupid to run through SpamAssassin and ClamAV twice. So, you’ll lose the per-user/per-domain capabilities, and probably a few other things. I can’t think of anything you’d gain by switching to Mailscanner. Possibly a tiny bit of performance, though the slow stuff is always going to be SpamAssassin and ClamAV, and if you’re using the daemonized versions with procmail, you won’t see much difference at all in overall mail delivery speed.