.bashrc "not working"


I have customized the .bashrc file that is used for new accounts (in /etc/skel), such as changing the bash promt. This works fine when adding new users via ‘adduser’ however, when adding a new Virtual Server with Webmin/Virtualmin it seems that the .bashrc file is not applied to the new user.

If I SSH in as that new user, I get the default promt, running ‘. ~/.bashrc’ updates it, however logging out and logging back in resets it.



You probably aren’t getting the shell set to bash when creating users in Webmin/Virtualmin.

Browse to System:Users and Groups, click on Module Config and set the shell for new users to /bin/bash. You’ll also want to change the shell for the existing users to bash.

Thanks Joe, that was it =)

I tell a lie, it is still creating the user with a default shell of /bin/sh

Hmmm…I seem to recall something about this…try moving /bin/bash to the top of the list of shells in /etc/shells. This is kinda bug-like, but now that I think of it, I believe some classes of users get the first shell in the list rather than the one specified in Users and Groups.


I just managed to fix it, in the main module index of Virtualmin I went to ‘Custom Shells’ and simple set /bin/bash as the default (it was set to /bin/sh).