Base64 library


I has run virtualmin for 3 months. It’s realy good. I love it.

But last night I uploaded some file decoded by base64. I can’t open it, it show blank page.
I think it miss some library and I use “yum search base64”. I install some library i found but i can’t open that files.

Please help me this problem!



So, you’re saying you have text encoded with base64, and you’re looking to convert that to plain text?

While a base64 library would be needed for that – the library itself isn’t enough, you’d need to to actually perform the translation.

You could always cut and paste your base64 encoded text into a site such as this to decode it:

no! I means how can my server can read file decoded by base64.

Hrm, I’m a bit confused as to what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:

Can you describe in detail what exactly you have, and what you need?


After yum install base64. You would just do base64 -d yourfile or so. but this is not really a virtualmin related question (wrong forum :-).

If you downloaded some php base64 encoded files, I would be make sure first that they come from a trusted source.