Bandwidth with Webmin

I`m using Webmin to monitor traffic. Is there a way I can send an email with the amount of traffic made / day? Any pre-made script that I can use to check that?

You can use the command line tools for this – by running them from cron at some set interval to get the info you need.

To see what options are available, just type “virtualmin” on the command line. You’ll see an option there named “list-bandwidth”.

So then run “virtualmin list-bandwidth” to get a list of what all you can do with that.


Thanks for your response. This will show me bandwidth by domain, I want to see for the whole server.

Yeah, I don’t see a way to do that at the moment.

It looks like “virtualmin info” gives some similar information, but not actually bandwidth totals.

You may want to file a feature request, and ask if “info” can be expanded to include the bandwidth you’re after.