bandwidth soft lock option?


Is there an option to lock a VPS once it’s reached a “soft-lock” limit?

i.e. let’s say a VPS has a bandwidth limit of 1GB, and then a soft-lock limit of 1GB (thus a total limit of 2GB), it should be locked once it reaches 2GB.

This probably doesn’t make much sense, but bandwidth is very expensive in our country and such an option would allow a client’s VPS to still run a bit once it’s hit it’s limit. This gives the client enough time to pre-oder more bandwidth, but still have his websites operational.

An easier-to-understand scenario would be if the VPS has a bandwidth limit of 10GB + 1GB soft limit. So the client will get an email on 10.1GB saying the VPS has gone over it’s limit, but still run upto 11GB before it’s blocked.

If this doesn’t exist, can you please consider adding it?