Bandwidth Not Updating

I enabled bandwidth monitoring in cloudmin a few days ago, but I have yet to see it show any bandwidth stats from any of my xenserver VMs or the xenserver itself. I used the auto install method to install cloudmin. Am I missing something?


Ok, I checked that bandwidth monitoring was enabled in cloudmin, which it was. Then I checked the crontab for the bandwidth and stats scripts and they were there. I also went to where the bandwidth graphs were then clicked the raw data link and it was reporting all 0s.

Am I missing something? Am I supposed to have something else installed on the dom0 or on the VM hosting cloudmin for this to work?

I am running Citrix Xenserver 5.6 on the host machine and cloudmin is installed on a VM.

Also is this the place for tech support questions or should I be posting them in the issues section for support?


Do you have rrdtool installed? I don’t know if CloudMin installs this automatically, or not. And I also don’t know if this is the problem, but it might be worth checking?

Thanks SoftDux, I will check this evening when I could get into the server, but the statistical graphs work, just no bandwidth is being reported for some reason.

Did you get this sorted out?

No I never did get it sorted out. All of the other statistical graphs work just fine…its just the bandwidth that does not update…which unfortunately are the graphs that I need. Even when I click on the raw data link it shows 0. I pretty much gave up in trying to get it to work and I am looking for other solutions…

I am going to give another try to get this working. I will be re-installing Cloudmin on another CentOS VM and see if this fixes the problem.

Cloudmin does monitor bandwidth of other VMs running on the Xenserver host correct? Right now it connects to the server via ssh and does keep track of CPU,memory, and other statistics.

Just want to make sure I am not wasting my time…



You cannot network utilisation of XenServer VMs at present using CloudMin.