Bandwidth graph units wrong?

The cloudmin bandwidth graph for my main system has units of (bytes/minute). I had a client uploading at 10 mega bits. That’s bits not bytes. But when I look at the graph, it shows incoming around 4,500,000,000 (bytes/min). (screenshot attached) Divide by 60 to covert to seconds. = 75,000,000 bytes/sec. = 75mbytes/sec. There’s 8 bits in a byte so I would multiply by 8 to get mbit/sec. Which = 600mbit/sec. Which is wrong. Wish I had an upload connection that fast! But when I divide by 8 instead of multiplying by 8, it equals the correct 10 mbit/sec speed.

So it looks like the graph scale is in bits/minute not bytes/minute.

Surely I’m missing something, cant be the 1st to notice it. Just want to get another opinion.