Hi All,

I have a virtualmin server taking FTP backups every hour to an offsite location. However, if I take a back up at say 10pm, it is then wrote over by the 11pm backup. Where as I would like the backup to create another file for each date/time if that makes sense?

I’m sure theres a way of doing this, can someone please point me in the right direction.


In the virtualmin backup settings, Use a destination path with /%m-%d-%y on the end. Each backup is put in folder named with the date. Click the help text for many more variables that include time. Then check the box for “Do strftime style time substitutions”. Then check the box for “create destination directory”.

Also rather than doing a full backup each time you can do one full backup then incremental backups which saves space and is much faster. I do a monthly full backup archived for 3 months and then incremental archived for 94 days so I can restore to any date in that.