I’ve run into an odd situation with one of my Xen hosts. Backups run through the browser work fine. When they are executed through the scheduler, they fail with a message Failed to create destination directory : Time -”


“Backing up to /home/backup/ on SSH server as root …
… backup failed : Failed to create destination directory : Timeout connecting”

I’m not sure where to go with this. I run into a similar issue on the same server within a CentOS guest where something simple like pflogsumm when run through the scheduler returns all empty responses but if I manually click on it through Virtualmin it runs fine. I don’t know if I’ve screed up an environmental variable or what.



Drop me a line over Skype when you have a sec. I’d like to do a screen sharing session with you to make sure you have things setup correctly. It’s quite possible there may be a bug in the code somewhere, but I’d like to eliminate this before forwarding the inquiry upward for review.

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Things have changed now. It is backing them up BUT now it’s reporting 0 bytes. That’s my next thing to figure out.