Backups: Missing MySQL Databases

When using the backup/restore functionality on a domain by domain basis, I have some domains missing their mysql databases. The default DB that is created when the domain is created is backed up but additional DBs made under that virtual domain are not showing up in the .backup folder of that virtual domain.

Why would this be happening?
How do I fix it?


Kyle Brost

Hi Kyle,

Well, I just verified that all the databases (even the extra ones) are being backed up on my system, and they appear to be.

So, what I’d do is perform the backup manually – from the Virtualmin interface – and look the output over when it finishes to make sure you don’t see any errors, or otherwise any references to the databases you aren’t seeing backups for.

If that doesn’t help, I’d file a bug report – all the database should definitely be backed up, and if they aren’t, we’ll need to track down why that is the case.

Is there a way to increase the debug output when generating the backup. Right now I get the following for the MySql backups:

Dumping MySQL database softelephant ..
.. done

Is there a way to see more?