Backups: location of temporary file


Using Virtualmin Backup Virtual servers, the file is created in /tmp/.webmin before it is ftp’d off the server and deleted. Problem is, my /tmp filesystem is only 2GB. My /var filesystem has 132GB. Can I setup the backups to put the temp files in /var instead of /tmp?


Found the answer - thanks Eric.

You can set what Webmin uses as it’s temp directory by going into Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Advanced Options, and changing “Temporary files directory”.

It defaults to “/tmp/.webmin” as you saw, but you can point it somewhere else if you like.

That should resolve your issue perfectly, I’m glad you figured that out. Have a good weekend!


Hey there i saw that a good solution, any way those how about modifying the size of the temporary file? any suggestion?


Can you explain what you mean with modifying the size of the “temporary file”? Do you mean the size of the /tmp filesystem?

@Locutus, Sorry for my poor language, yes i mean how can i modified the size of temp file system because i have several backup and then came a warning that my disk is not enough. My website is not huge, only <100mb so i wonder is it because of my temp is small? if it yes that why i want to increase the size.


Okay, whether you can change the size of the partition where /tmp resides on depends on if you still have space left on the HDD, or if you can reduce the size of an adjacent partition, or if you can put in another HDD to put /tmp onto that. Usually it’s not a simple “click there and be done” task.

Can you tell us the partition layout of the HDD in question? A screenshot from Webmin’s “Partitions on local disks” page should do.